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Darrick’s Rant of the Week #1: The Pro Bowl

We’ve decided to take our rants from podcast central to writing on a regular basis, so here is the first of a weekly installment between Darrick and Rhett. Let me begin by saying: the Pro Bowl is one giant joke. It’s arguably (It’s not even an argument) the worst All-Star game of all of the […]

Rhett’s Rant of the Week #1: The City of Detroit

We’ve decided to take our rants from podcast central to writing on a regular basis, so here is the first of a weekly installment between Darrick and Rhett. The city of Detroit is absurd. After years of financial turmoil, the city of Detroit became the largest American city to go bankrupt in history. The causes […]

Percy Harvin will Undergo Hip Surgery

The moment Seahawks fans have been hoping would never come just did – Percy Harvin will undergo hip surgery after receiving a second opinion earlier today on the tear in his hip. According to the Seahawks camp, Harvin will undergo surgery on Thursday. There’s still no telling how long Percy Harvin will be out of […]

Johnny Manziel: The Man, the Myth, the Menace?

Breaking News – ESPN’s Outside the Lines has recently published this masterpiece written by Wright Thompson on Johnny Manziel and gives everyone a bit more of his back story. I had started to write this article based off my own conjectures before ESPN published theirs but now that is not happening, I can write with some extra […]

The U.S. Seals Gold Cup Victory With the Help of Break Out Stars

The US Men’s National team sealed their fifth Gold Cup with a 1-0 victory against Panama Sunday. The match started off slow with the Yanks unable to handle the defensive pressure of Panama. Slowly, but surely, the U.S. gained momentum in the second half. The scoreless match ended in the 68th minute with a pass […]

The Joke That is PED’s and Ryan Braun

In February of 2012, Ryan Braun proclaimed his innocence in using Performance Enhancing Drugs after an alleged positive test stating, “I have been an open book, willing to share details from every aspect of my life as part of this investigation, because I have nothing to hide.”  And he defended his innocence even further after […]

EST #11 – Yankees, Percy Harvin’s Hip & the Wolverine Midnight Showing

Rhett and I are back after a lovely one week hiatus! Might not be as lovely for you guys, but we’re back to it and talking about all the news surrounding the New York Yankees, Albert Pujols’s injury, Percy Harvin’s hip injury and our experience at the most recent Wolverine movie’s midnight showing! Check it […]

The Top 10 Quarterbacks Coming into the 2013 Season

These opinions are according to Exquisite Sports Talk authors, all rights reserved. We reserve the right to hate on any Quarterback we don’t like. This Top 10 QBs list is the first of a 5-part series of Top 10s that will include: Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Wide Receivers, Defensive Players and Teams. Criteria in Question: Which […]

Hipster Netflix Gems: The World’s Fastest Indian

Every once in a while we’ll come to you with a movie that you’ve probably never heard of, but you should watch it anyways because we say so. The year is 1967 and Burt Munro has a dream: to set the land speed record. This appears to be impossible, despite only ten years earlier he […]

Mike Miller: The Wolverine

As you might have heard Mike Miller was amnestied by the Miami Heat about a week ago, meaning that while they will still have to pay for his 6 million dollar plus contract, it will not count against their salary cap, saving them approximately 15 million dollars due to how the luxury tax works. In […]