The U.S. Seals Gold Cup Victory With the Help of Break Out Stars

The US Men’s National team sealed their fifth Gold Cup with a 1-0 victory against Panama Sunday. The match started off slow with the Yanks unable to handle the defensive pressure of Panama. Slowly, but surely, the U.S. gained momentum in the second half. The scoreless match ended in the 68th minute with a pass from Abedoya, which Donovan swung and missed, Luckily, Brek Shea was there to clean it up.

This Gold Cup would not have been possible without the help of the U.S.’s break out stars. They have helped put the U.S. on top

Chris Wondolowski

Wow. From scoring no international goals prior to the tournament, to scoring 6 coming into Gold Cup. He is solid. His back was against the wall and he delivered. His confidence has boosted and I expect him to carry this momentum into qualifying. He’ll be a big asset at the forward position.

Stuart Holden

This guy has impressed me so much. You can definitely say that I’ve jumped on the Bolton and Holden band wagon. However, he sprained his right knee in the 20th minute of the match. This could hinder him moving forward. Holden was sidelined for 2 years due to an injury on the same knee. UPDATE: Holden has been diagnosed with a torn ACL. If all goes well, he’ll be back in time for the N Power Champions League and will miss the World Cup.

Joe Corona

Being only 23 years of age, Joe Corona has the potential to be a star. Young and aggressive, the US is lucky to snag him away from bitter rival Mexico. Corona’s 2 goals have made an impression on Jurgen Klinnsman. It seems that he will be on the World Cup squad. We have a star in the making.

Landon Donovan

Prior to the Gold Cup, Landon was not even sure of his position on the team. It seemed as if he may lose his spot. These past couple of weeks though, he has delivered. I have to say that he is the MVP of this Gold Cup. He is back in form and has definitely sealed his spot on the World Cup team. Donovan finished with 5 goals and 7 assists – Captain America is back!

Now with the Gold Cup over, the USMNT must carry this momentum onto qualifying. The soccer world is now watching as the Yanks look to shock everybody next year in Brazil.


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