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Chiefs Primed to Sack the AFC West

Yes, the Chiefs did go 2-14 last year. Yes, they had the worst passing offense in the league last year. Yes, they only forced 13 turnovers – but they will win the AFC West this year. Those stats mean nothing this year. This offseason, the Chiefs front office hired former Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid […]

Darrick’s Rant of the Week #5: Allen Iverson & Tracy McGrady Retired

This won’t be one of my anger-laced tirades. Instead, this will be one of my rants that I use to pay homage – in this case, to Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady. These two individuals were two of the best players of the NBA’s late 90’s and 00’s era Allen Iverson Iverson was one of […]

EST #17 – Matt Harvey Out, Ben Affleck as Batman, Why the Hell is Flacco Outside of Mile High?

Rhett and Darrick got together after a weekend at Vegas to put together EST episode #17! Talking about what’s trending – including RG3 in for the season opener, Ben Affleck as Batman, Matt Harvey having a partial tear in his elbow, all the movies that came out last weekend and much much more! Check out […]

Darrick’s Rant of the Week #4: Oh Braun, Now You Want to Apologize?

(I know this rant is late, but being in Las Vegas over the weekend tends to make you miss a few deadlines!) Too little, too late Braun After nearly two years of Ryan Braun endlessly denying any connections to performance enhancing drugs, Braun officially apologized for the use of some “banned substances.” He also apologized […]

Rhett’s Rant of the Week #4: Long Live the Kings

Feel free to watch this video, or have it going as you read the rest of the article: Last week news was brought out that the potential owner of the Seattle Supersonics, Chris Hansen donated $100,000 towards a political action committee trying to halt the Kings new arena being built in downtown Sacramento. While if […]

EST #16 – LeBron James, Dempster Hitting A-Rod, & NFL News!

Rhett and Darrick got together to talk about the Ryan Dempster & Alex Rodriguez phenomenon that has taken the MLB by storm ever since Dempster chose to hit him with a pitch in his first at bat against him. We talk about LeBron James and his police escort story that he posted on Instagram and […]

The Top 10 Defensive Players in the NFL Coming into the 2013 Season

These opinions are according to Exquisite Sports Talk authors, all rights reserved. We reserve the right to hate on any defensive player we don’t like. This Top 10 Defenders list is the fourth of a 5-part series of Top 10s that will include: Quarterbacks (3 Weeks Ago), Running Backs (2 Weeks Ago), Wide Receivers (Last Week), […]

Hipster Netflix Gems: Battle Royale

Every once in a while we’ll come to you with a movie that you’ve probably never heard of, but you should watch it anyways because we say so. Imagine a world in which students are told to kill each other. Now imagine that these students actually know each other. Now imagine that in this world, […]

Darrick’s Rant of the Week #3 – The San Diego Chargers Wide Receivers

It’s been amazing that this website has been live for almost two full months and this is the FIRST San Diego Chargers article I’m doing. If there’s one team I love in sports that causes me the most headaches, it’s unanimously the San Diego Chargers. There’s no other team that has caused me more heartache […]

EST #15 – New York Jets QB Battle, Forecasting the NBA Season & Movies Out this Weekend!

Rhett and Darrick got together to talk about the ESPN’s forecast of the NBA season, the ongoing New York Jets QB battle and of course, as we do every week, the movies coming this weekend! Some of you have to see and some you don’t – check everything out here on EST #15! LIKE us […]