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MLB Play-in Notes and Predictions

Even when they added an extra team to the postseason, the teams found a way to tie.  Today it will be the Tampa Bay Rays at the Texas Rangers in Arlington, with David Price going up against Martin Perez. Pitching match-up:  Coming off of a Cy Young last year, injuries and location troubles led Price […]

Top 25 matchup: Mississippi vs. Alabama

Head coach Hugh Freeze will lead the No. 21 Mississippi Rebels (3-0) into Tuscaloosa, Alabama this Saturday to face off against Nick Saban and the No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide. Below are five things to watch… 1. Alabama’s secondary In the Sept. 14 matchup against the highly ranked Aggies of Texas A&M, the Alabama secondary […]

EST #22 – NFL Week 4, Bucs Bench Josh Freeman, & MLB End of the Year Awards

EST #22 coming to you late after we endured some copyright troubles with uploading the podcast. There was so much news this week, we weren’t sure what we should and shouldn’t cover. We open up the discussion talking about Kevin Durant and Dwayne Wade’s Twitter beef and of course we review Week 3 in the […]

NFL Week 3: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Surprises

Week 3 in the NFL gave great amounts of insight on what kind of a season we will see from a number of NFL teams. Some teams reached the 3-0 mark that few expected they would. Some teams reached the dreaded 0-3 mark that some expected and some didn’t expect. Other teams have outperformed our expectations, while others […]

Why the Dolphins Are Making the Playoffs

This is not a jinx. This is not a jinx. This is not a jinx. I know that upon reading the title of this article, my fellow Dolphin fans are thinking: “please just don’t jinx this.” I certainly understand why. In the past ten years, the Dolphins certainly haven’t played very well. Their record over […]

EST #21 – Dodgers Clinch NL West, Trent Richardson to the Colts & NFL Week 3 Pick ‘Em

EST number 21 is hot and ready! Fresh off of the jam-packed NFL Week 2 and Trent Richardson trade that livened analysts across the world… we come to you ready! We’re talking about the Browns trade to the Colts of Trent Richardson, NFL Week 3 and who we have to win each game, and of […]

Obscure Sports Stars: Derrick Coleman

Every so often Exquisite Sports Talk will tell you about an Obscure Sports Star. Whether wildly unknown due to the sport involved, or someone coming out of nowhere in sport that is already “mainstream”, Exquisite Sports Talk has you covered. The fullback position isn’t one highly focused on in today’s NFL, as most of the […]

NFL Draft Up and Comers

With the onset of the NFL, it is never too early to start thinking about the April draft.  Twelve college games throughout the country, endless hours of tape, all to project players toward the NFL.  There is the hyped, non-pro-style college player that doesn’t translate to the NFL (Tebow, Barkley, Clausen), the sure fired prospect […]

Lessons Learned from Week 2: Quick Notes

Week 2 of the NFL is officially over after Monday night’s matchup between the Steelers and Bengals. Week 2 saw a plethora of games go right down to the wire: the Bills over the Panthers, the Bears over the Vikings, and an overtime victory by the Texans over the Titans. We saw the third installment […]

EST #20 – Alabama vs. Texas A&M, the Oklahoma State Recruiting Scandal, NFL Week 2 & Miley Cyrus

Darrick and Rhett are BACK for Exquisite Sports Talk #20! It’s been nearly three months since the first EST podcast was done and they’re pumped to jump straight into tons of great sports talk. With the NFL Week 2 ahead, they want to talk about their favorite matchup and the best story lines and matchups […]