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EST #26 (Part 2 of 2): NBA Western Conference Analysis, NBA Playoff Predictions, Movies Out this Weekend

Rhett and I gave your our top eight teams in the Eastern Conference earlier this week and now we’re here to present the second part of our 26th podcast here on Exquisite Sports Talk. We talk about the top eight teams in the Western Conference and of course we talk about how we think the […]

Sports as Governments

We finally ended our government shutdown, during which Congressional approval rating polls have gone to as low as 5%.  Presidential approval ratings are at the lowest since the start of his 2nd term, Obamacare’s website is atrocious, and Americans are focusing on the important things:  football, baseball playoffs, and the upcoming basketball season!  So for […]

NFL Power Rankings: Week 7

1) Kansas City Chiefs (7-0) (Last Week: #3) This week’s Power Rankings features a team holding the number one spot that had only two wins in the entirety of last season. A team with a brand new head coach, a new brand quarterback, and a brand new scheme. This defense has yet to miss a […]

EST #26 (Part 1 of 2): NBA Eastern Conference Analysis & World Series

The NBA season is beginning in less than a week! Rhett and I are pumped and we took the liberty of making our podcast this week our NBA Preview Edition. This week’s podcast is a two-parter and you’re checking out the first part – which includes: our First Thought, a quick preview of the MLB World Series […]

EST #25 – MLB Playoffs, Denver v. Indianapolis, & Movies Out this Weekend

EST #25 here live for you on this Thursday evening to get you caught up with the ever-changing world of sports! We caught to talk about Josh Freeman getting the start for the Vikings, Jim Irsay and his comments about Peyton Manning, the playoffs, the NFL, and much more! Check us out and support the […]

NFL Power Rankings

The NFL season is over a third of the way done, which means that we are starting to get a very good gauge of what teams are legit contenders, what teams are on the brink, and what teams are falling behind. You don’t need “Quick Notes” to understand what teams are quality anymore. This is […]

EST #24 – What’s wrong with Schaub, NLDS and ALDS, & NFL Week 6 Pick ‘Em

It’s Thursday afternoon and you’re patiently refreshing our website a hundred times every five seconds. Well, refresh no more! Because here it is – Exquisite Sports Talk (EST) number 24! Rhett and I got together to talk about all the usuals: our First Thoughts of the week, What’s Trending, and of course the movies out […]

Obscure Sports Stars: Jason Grilli

Every so often Exquisite Sports Talk will tell you about an Obscure Sports Star. Whether wildly unknown due to the sport involved, the position he plays, or someone coming out of nowhere in sport that is already “mainstream”, Exquisite Sports Talk has you covered. If you are a regular follower of baseball, you no doubt […]

NFL Week 5: Quick Notes

Five weeks have already wrapped up in the NFL season and we’ve learned a lot about which teams are legit, teams that need improvement, teams that are poised for the playoffs, and teams that are dying for a win. Peyton Manning continues to electrify and the Broncos continue to roll onward undefeated as a result. […]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Release QB Josh Freeman

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced Thursday that they have released backup quarterback Josh Freeman. The original plan, according to reports, was to trade Josh Freeman to a team who needed a quarterback, but deals did not pan out. Sources stated that the Buccaneers shopped Freeman to all other 31 NFL teams in hopes to find a […]