EST Podcast #1 of 2015: NFL Coming to LA, NBA Rookie Watch, NFL Pick ‘Em

Exquisiteers! No, you’re reading it right. We are indeed BACK! It’s the most anticipated return since one of Derrick Rose’s three knee injuries, since the return of LeBron James to Cleveland, since the return of the Cubs to the World Series… oops. Too soon?

We’re back with the first installment of our podcasts of the year 2015. After a year-and-a-half hiatus, we come to you live once-a-week from two different states — California & Michigan. Follow us as we continue our enjoy providing with unadulterated sports talk with opinions that sometimes are completely unfounded.

This week we talked about Disney’s CEO Bob Iger joining the bid for the Chargers & Raiders moving to Los Angeles, talking best NBA rookies thus far this season, our picks for this week’s NFL matchups, and lastly we spoke out of turn with opinions about movies we have no ideas about. Ooooooh yeah!

Here’s the time stamps for this week’s segments if you’d like to skip specifically:

00:00 – Disney joining the bid of NFL teams moving to LA

14:15 – NBA Rookie Watch

28:00 – NFL Pick’Em

47:30 – Movie Talk


— Disney CEO’s name is Bob Iger, not Ron Iger

— The Eagles did indeed win versus the Cowboys last week, not the other way around. Quite the mistake from myself.




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