Monthly Archives: May 2016

EST Ep. 14 – Thunder Storm Ahead, Raptors Roar Back, & Draymond Green Kicks

Welcome back to another installment of the greatest sports talk this side of the Mississippi River! We’re feasting on the developments of the NBA Playoffs in this week’s episode of EST. We open up sharing our thoughts with the NBA’s choice to not suspend Draymond Green for either the karate kick to Steven Adams’s genitals […]

EST Ep. 13 – NBA Draft Lottery, NBA Playoffs, MLB Brawl, & Hornacek Hired

This week’s edition of Exquisite Sports Talk has arrived! Plenty of good stuff this week, including: the NBA Draft Lottery results, the NBA Conference Finals, the brawl in the MLB between Jose Bautista and Rougned Odor, and the first ad-deal on jerseys in North American sports is officially signed with StubHub and the Philadelphia 76ers. […]

EST Ep. 12 – Stephen Curry MVP, Cavs Sweep, & Bryce Harper Ejected

Hey everybody! Episode 12 is here officially (LATE POST) because I completely spaced. This episode was recorded last week (Wednesday) and was done officially before the elimination of the San Antonio Spurs and the release of the movies out this weekend. You can still expect Episode 13 this week — ON TIME — most likely […]

The Fifth Walton

Life as a college basketball team manager is a lot of grunt work, a lot of mopping up sweat, a lot of rebounds, and a lot of hard work. There are lots of great perks to it though: being in a competitive, team environment, traveling free to different places across the United States, and sitting […]

EST Ep. 11 – NBA Playoffs 2nd Round, Laremy Tunsil Hacking, & Captain America Civil War

Another installment of the freshest sports talk this side of the country with Rhett and I. Due to a business trip last week for Rhett, we were unable to do the podcast last week. But, don’t fret, we have returned guns blazing in a fun-filled podcast. We talk the end of the NBA Playoffs first […]