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The Fifth Walton

Life as a college basketball team manager is a lot of grunt work, a lot of mopping up sweat, a lot of rebounds, and a lot of hard work. There are lots of great perks to it though: being in a competitive, team environment, traveling free to different places across the United States, and sitting […]

2013 MLB Awards

For about the past five years or so I’ve been working on developing the perfect system to determine the winners of the major MLB awards. Every year I’ve thought I’d created the perfect system, and every year the system changed. This year though… I REALLY believe I’ve got the system. I’ve compiled the perfect collection […]

Who Truly Belongs in the MLB All-Star Game?

Every year the MLB All-Star game rolls around, and every year there is controversy. It seems that we as people simply cannot ever agree on who belongs in the Midsummer Classic. Why is that though? Why can’t we decide who belongs? Because we as people cannot agree on the reason for the MLB All-Star game […]

The Early Emergence of the 2011 NFL Draft Class

With the NBA Draft taking place around a week ago, many sports fans eyes will now turn to the MLB. Many sports fans will also be looking forward to the start of the NFL season. There are various, fascinating storylines going in to this upcoming NFL season: how will Robert Griffin III rebound from ACL […]

An Update On LeBron’s Legacy and Rank Among the All-Time Greats

(Spoiler: Laker Fans May Disagree!!!) It was sometime after ten o’clock in the evening on Sunday June 16th, 2013. I sat in a booth at a Denny’s Restaurant in Irvine, California with my friend Daniel to my right and my other friend (and the biggest Miami Heat fan I know) Darrick sitting across from me. […]