Episode 9 coming live this gloomy April weekend in California! We jump right in to talking about Rhett’s pick to win the National Championship – Villanova – and their path to the top. We talk the resignation of Sam Hinkie and the state of the Philadelphia 76ers, Bryce Harper’s “Make Baseball Fun Again” clothing campaign, […]

Episode 8 “The Ocho” hot & ready for your listening pleasure this Thursday right around lunch-time! We talk the big weekend in college basketball with the Final Four matchups between Villanova & Oklahoma and Syracuse & North Carolina. Our very own, Rhett Bender, will be watching the games live in Houston this weekend and doing […]

Back at it again with the great sports talk! Episode 7 is live and ready for your listening pleasure. We had plenty to talk about this week and we opened up talking about the big time Western Conference matchup of the Warriors vs. the Spurs in San Antonio this past weekend. Talked the playoff series […]

Back for Episode 6 right as the HEAT of March Madness begins here on Thursday morning! We talk the opening weekend of March Madness and what matchups we like in each region and flag some possible upsets on the horizon! We talk about two… less than desirable movies this week, but we talk about whatever […]

Welcome back everybody! The fifth installment of Exquisite Sports Talk this year coming to you hot & ready on Thursday for your listening pleasure. We jumped right in to the recent retirement of Peyton Manning, discussing his legacy and the retirement of some of his peers including Calvin Johnson Jr., Marshawn Lynch, etc. We talked […]

Welcome back everybody to another edition of Exquisite Sports Talk! In this week’s podcast, we talk about a lot of smaller stories. We take time to discuss the bizarre case of Oklahoma City Thunder minority owner (20%) being indicted for bid rigging and then dying in a car crash the following day in an apparent […]

Back for the third installment of Exquisite Sports Talk in the month of February to give you some creative content on a slow news week! –(Rhett didn’t want to talk about the Daytona 500… not that I blame him)– We covered the bigger moves in what was a less dramatic NBA trade deadline than people […]

Back at it again, we dive into a little late Super Bowl 50 reaction talk and some damage control after both our predictions turn out to be incorrect. They definitely weren’t who we thought they were! We jump into NBA All-Star Weekend briefly, most importantly about the NBA Dunk Contest. Then we jump into over/under […]

It’s that time of year. SUPER BOWL 50! Rhett and I weigh in on our picks for the big game and recap the Conference Championships that led the Panthers & Broncos to it. We chat some about the NBA and competitors in the race right now after our Super Bowl discussion also. Enjoy!    

Welcome back Exquisiteers! The 4th episode of 2015 is hot & ready and coming RIGHT at you. We opened our show talking about the troubles of Jahlil Okafor with fights & the law in the past couple months and then moved into another installment of “Quick Hits.” In “Quick Hits,” we covered Kobe retiring at […]