Monthly Archives: February 2016

EST 2016 #3 – 5-on-5 NBA Fantasy Draft, Trade Deadline Moves, & Oscar Predictions!

Back for the third installment of Exquisite Sports Talk in the month of February to give you some creative content on a slow news week! –(Rhett didn’t want to talk about the Daytona 500… not that I blame him)– We covered the bigger moves in what was a less dramatic NBA trade deadline than people […]

EST 2016 #2 – Super Bowl Reaction, MLB Futures & Movies

Back at it again, we dive into a little late Super Bowl 50 reaction talk and some damage control after both our predictions turn out to be incorrect. They definitely weren’t who we thought they were! We jump into NBA All-Star Weekend briefly, most importantly about the NBA Dunk Contest. Then we jump into over/under […]

EST 2016 #1 – Super Bowl 50 Podcast

It’s that time of year. SUPER BOWL 50! Rhett and I weigh in on our picks for the big game and recap the Conference Championships that led the Panthers & Broncos to it. We chat some about the NBA and competitors in the race right now after our Super Bowl discussion also. Enjoy!