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The Fifth Walton

Life as a college basketball team manager is a lot of grunt work, a lot of mopping up sweat, a lot of rebounds, and a lot of hard work. There are lots of great perks to it though: being in a competitive, team environment, traveling free to different places across the United States, and sitting […]

Kobe Bryant, The Final Chapter

I’m sure you’ve already heard the news as it has controlled the sports news beat for the past 48 hours since the announcement, but Kobe Bryant will retire at the end of the 2015-2016 NBA season. It’s with heavy hearts for most NBA fans that we say goodbye as we watch the final chapter of […]

2014-2015 NBA Season Storylines

We’re two weeks into another highly anticipated NBA season. There’s a vast array of expectations for teams to show their improvements through the draft and through the off-season. Taking a look into these expectations raises quite a few questions worth talking about. Let’s dive right into this NBA’s season major storylines: Statistics provided via ESPN […]

NFL Power Rankings

Week 10 brought us many surprises: no winless teams remain, the Colts laid an egg against the St. Louis Rams, the 49ers lost a slug fest to the upstart Carolina Panthers, and that the NFC East continues to be the most perplexing division in the NFL right now. On any given Sunday (or Monday and […]

2013 MLB Awards

For about the past five years or so I’ve been working on developing the perfect system to determine the winners of the major MLB awards. Every year I’ve thought I’d created the perfect system, and every year the system changed. This year though… I REALLY believe I’ve got the system. I’ve compiled the perfect collection […]

NFL Power Rankings: Week 7

1) Kansas City Chiefs (7-0) (Last Week: #3) This week’s Power Rankings features a team holding the number one spot that had only two wins in the entirety of last season. A team with a brand new head coach, a new brand quarterback, and a brand new scheme. This defense has yet to miss a […]

NFL Week 5: Quick Notes

Five weeks have already wrapped up in the NFL season and we’ve learned a lot about which teams are legit, teams that need improvement, teams that are poised for the playoffs, and teams that are dying for a win. Peyton Manning continues to electrify and the Broncos continue to roll onward undefeated as a result. […]

NFL Week 4: Quick Notes and Analysis on All 32

Week 4 was filled with comebacks, blowouts, undefeated teams losing, winless teams winning, and the usual heroics of every NFL week. After Week 4, we still have undefeated teams, we still have winless teams, we still know Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense will not be stopped, and we learned the Chargers are actually capable […]

MLB Play-in Notes and Predictions

Even when they added an extra team to the postseason, the teams found a way to tie.  Today it will be the Tampa Bay Rays at the Texas Rangers in Arlington, with David Price going up against Martin Perez. Pitching match-up:  Coming off of a Cy Young last year, injuries and location troubles led Price […]

NFL Week 3: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Surprises

Week 3 in the NFL gave great amounts of insight on what kind of a season we will see from a number of NFL teams. Some teams reached the 3-0 mark that few expected they would. Some teams reached the dreaded 0-3 mark that some expected and some didn’t expect. Other teams have outperformed our expectations, while others […]